Speaking Kilimanjaro

KilimanjaroSpeaking Assignments

Kilimanjaro Motivation Talk

1 hour Team Talk or

Executive Session

This fun-filled talk covers the planning for, actual climb, various hardships and the elation on reaching Uhuru Peak.   This links into the role of the team, leadership and planning in a business environment.

Team Focus Session

Kilimanjaro Morning Session

3 hour Workshop

Using the lessons learned on this adventure to get cohesion within the team to achieve corporate business objectives.An enormous amount of planning and preparation is required to climb a mountain, just so achieving business objectives.

Strategy and Scenario Planning

Running Management, Executives and Senior Management through a possible future and crafting a strategy

Clarify and Simplify Corporate Strategy

Management interaction sessions

Often the strategy is difficult to translate into actions that are clear and specific to the team players.These sessions work on breaking down the strategy into manageable building blocks.Then a communication strategy is put together to ensure the whole team buys in and supports the strategy because they understand their role in making it a reality